Land challenges

Good morning my good people of Ondo home and all over the world. Please why  will Chief Akinbinu Akinnawo, his lawyer Mr Bade Awosule, Sule Alimi Mento,  Taye and kehinde and a host of other thugs want me dead in our Dear Ondo  Town that used to love one other in those days? Is it because I was called  to work for God as a Happy Housemaid taken care of abandoned, mad women  kids, vulnerable, orphans, motherless, fatherless kids or the 25 students  in Christ Orphanage Home Ondo Foundation that I give N10,000 every  September for their school fees and necessary textbooks, the number  increases every September or is it because of the 10 women both widows or  less privileged that I empower yearly to mark my Birthday, this year’s will  be the 7th edition or is it about 4 people that give thousands of Naira to,  to better their businesses and farming or is it because of my land that I  donated to the ministry which  my family Akinbote won: judgement on Suit  No: HOD/89/2004 by Justice D. I. Kolawole on 6th April. 2011 and struck out  appeal on 13th May 2014. Appeal No.CA/AK/62M/2012 against the Olugbemiro  family by M. A. Danjuma Justice, Court Of Appeal. Please judge me o. I’m  not a Politician and there is no Government help or assistance. I’m just a  servant of God who is working frantically towards making heaven. The money  I had wasted in the cause of these encounters with these people above is  N800,350, the money given to us by individuals. I appeal to all in the  diaspora why I am marked for death, maligned called Asewo, ole, about to use my picture for all kinds of wickedness etc. Is it a sin that Christ Orphanage is the First Orphanage in Ondo Town. I need your reactions o.  Please help us to call these people to order. We love and need our Darling

Signed: Solayide Olaseinde Mrs (Mummy)