OUR VISION: is to Put Smiles on People’s Faces
OUR MISSION: Is to see that all our children become better citizens in future.
MOTTO: Love Your Neighbour As Yourself. (Rom. 13:9)

  • Organizing enlightenment programmes on HIV/AIDS, STD in children and youths and how to prevent them.
  • Organizing yearly Christmas fun fairs and Easter Monday funfairs, seminars that could enhance growth and development in children.
  • Organizing yearly Skill acquisition and empowerment programmes

How it all began…

Christ Orphanage Home Ondo was founded by my humble self; Evang. (Mrs.) Solayide Anike Olaseinde in response to the call of God to care for the abandoned babies, orphans and motherless babies. On 9th November, 1993, God called me to work for Him in His Vineyard. Then I formed the Busy and Young Bees Societies, but resisted full time work in His Vineyard, because my business was then booming in Oke-Arin market in Lagos Island. I, however, noticed that all the profit I was making from the business was being siphoned by satan through various problems.
I decided to give up my business on the 17th December, 2000 to make time for God’s work. I then enrolled at deliverance and Healing Unit School of St. Barth’s Anglican Church, Aguda for 18 months Course and also at Lagos Bible College at Board Street under the management of the Anglican Communion for all the Courses up to Readers Course. God called me again on 28th may, 2001 to start counselling in His house at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Ijeshatedo, Lagos. It was in the course of carrying out my work as a counsellor in the House of God that I came across an old lady who lost her
daughter. The late daughter left behind six children and her husband, but the father of the six children had abandoned them, leaving the old lady to take care of them.

Naturally, I was moved to sympathy with the plight of this family. Unfortunately, I had no means to be of assistance to them. I cried to God in prayers and fasting at the end of which God directed me to take care of two of her six children. The kids, a boy and a girl of ages 5 and 4 respectively got to me on October, 2001. The eldest was taken by a friend of the family. I have solicited for help from the people of God to take care of the remaining three kids but no help came. There is no doubt that there are several other families in similar or worse situation either in the church as to what to do to be useful in His Vineyard.
It was the burden I had for the remaining three kids, one boy and two girls that made God to call me to form Christ Motherless Babies’ Home under the supervision of my local church, St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Ijeshatedo, Lagos. The name Christ Motherless Babies’ Home was changed to Christ Orphanage because of the broader scope of caring
for motherless, abandoned babies, orphans and less privileged in the society.
It is my joy that this orphanage has grown to a Non Governmental Organization.